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This is where I talk about myself. 😁

Just a little bit, I promise. The rest will be about what I like to work on lately.

I've been a full stack developer for over 15 years, and developer over 25 years.

What I'm up to

I'm always looking for projects to work on and in the last year plus have been changing over from full enterprise development work to concentrating more on newer technologies that allow for more diversified customer types with internet facing development. Available for projects or consulting.

  • Javascript developer (Web Apps)
  • JAMStack driven websites
  • Static site generators:
    Among others...
  • React Applications and React built sites
  • NoSQL API driven databases
  • Git using Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket for source control
  • Netlify Deployment Strategies (site hosting and more)
  • Netlify CMS open source contributor/maintainer
    (content management for Git workflow)
  • NodeJS driven development workflow

This site is written using most of the technologies above.

You can find me writing about some of the above on my blog here or can follow some of my projects that are open source on GitHub. I contribute heavily to the NetlifyCMS open source project whenever I have free time.

Other Technologies I know and have worked on

  • Programming in C#, PHP, VisualBasic, and more
  • SQL databases: SQL Server, MySQL
  • Windows, Linux (limited now)
  • Crazy number of development tools and IDE's
  • Even worked on main frame systems, but shhh, don't tell anyone

If you got way down here on the page, I'm sorry, I don't have a prize for you, but thanks for taking the time. Might want to read just a little more?

What people don't typically know about me

  • I hold a valid California contractors license. The home building kind! 🏠
  • Have built a ton of homes from the ground up
  • Used to buy and flip foreclosed homes
  • Have an oil painting hanging in my home I painted
  • Have a teenage son who is an ocean lifeguard who also took all pics on this site
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