Building the Digital Garden

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Building the Digital Garden

Updated: August 9, 2020 by Tony Alves

What is a digital garden?

"I'm not writing to be your clown. I'm writing because I want to think about things." - Joel Hooks

My digital garden is where I might plant a seed and then I tend to the seed until it sprouts into a something I may or may not keep tending. If a seed does sprout growth and I keep tending then it will start to go through the stages naturally and I only think about them at the time I want to go "pull weeds" and tend the garden.

I'm not worrying about the stages each might be in. They really only get noticed by me and the people that are interested in them anyway. Some might have slow growth. Naturally.

Categories in my digital garden are for those interested in them. Some people hate radishes. I love radishes.

Whew! That's a lot of metaphors for just writing, but this is where those items will turn into something mature and have full growth that I can keep pruning and there might be more healthy growth.


A seed can be a note or link or just some thought. Might even be research notes for other ideas I find interesting. Seeds sit on shelves hidden away where no one sees them, because a seed is really just a seed and most last forever. I'm not trying to plant all my seeds, there might not be enough room in the garden right now. You may never see any of my seeds in my garden. Not all seeds take to growing, but that's ok.


The sprout is getting more notes or thoughts, but still just starting. It might be really hard to tell what this might grow into. The sprout could also dry up and wither into something unrecognizeable.


More established, ready for some growing. Still having some weak parts that could use time to grow. Some aren't in this stage for long. Time will tell and depends on all the tending and water and sunshine.


Nice growth and healthy base, but still growing. Doesn't need a lot of tending like the previous stages. Roots are set and deep. After some growth, it will move to being evergreen and ...


It's Done. Could use some pruning once in awhile, but mature and ready to take on the world.

Status: status sprout

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